Is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware a Good Cleaning Program?

Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware comes with both a free and a purchase edition.  In this case, I tested the free edition and found several things that immediately indicated to me that it was a good program.

The first thing it did after it installed was ask if I wanted to update the program before it ran, which I did.

The interface is nice with the opportunity to make choices that fit your needs.  On the scan page, it had 3 types of scans, quick, full, and flash.  The flash does a scan of memory and autorun objects and is available only to purchasers of the full version.  I decided to run the quick and the one fault seemed to be that the quick was slow.  However, it truly did a thorough job.  There was also a paused scan and an abort scan button that I was grateful to see.  After repair, it produced a log of everything it had scanned and repaired- another sign of good software.

The Protection tab showed the differences between the free and full versions, the most significant one being that the full version offered a real-time protection mode.  Others included automatic malicious site protection and a scanner and update scheduler.  However, if you want to keep things free, it is easy to do the last two yourself.

The Settings tab gives you choices of what you want to be scanned and if it should show unwanted program modifications and peer to peer software.

There was also an additional tool called file assassin which will remove locked files that you do not have permission to use from your computer.  You might find this sort of thing happening if you bought a used computer.

The help file is excellent and explains the use of the program completely.  It includes steps to take when you get a false positive, and other contact information.

We’ve tested 288 antispyware programs, see how Malwarebytes compares in our chart below.


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