What does Spyware Blaster really do?

Spyware BlasterIn the arena of software designed to protect us and our machines from malicious threats, there are two fundamental approaches. Because many of us usually wait until we have a problem before we look for solutions the first and most popular approach are software programs which are designed to cure our computer problems. Perhaps the wiser and more prudent approach is prevention.

The reality for all of us is that we need a healthy dose from both schools of thought if we are to win the battle against all the malware, adware, spyware, worms, trojans, worms, rootkits, viruses and such.

There seems to be a fair bit of misinformation out there regarding Spyware Blaster. In fact, most of the negative comments I have seen are related to the misunderstanding of what type of product SpywareBlaster is and is meant to do. Are we talking prevention or cure?

Let’s be clear, Spyware Blaster is a preventative type of software. It is designed to stop spyware from ever being installed on your PC in the first place. This program is not a spyware remover! It does not scan your system and detect spyware that has already been installed. Instead, it scans incoming information and detects the threat before it can be installed and blocks it from ever being installed. There is a big difference as you can see.

This explains why many of the comments out there are saying things like, “It never seems to do anything, it just sits there, I don’t know if it is working or not.” “It never scans a thing, it never finds malware that other programs find and eliminate.” Hopefully, at this point, it is clear as to why this is the case.

Having said this, it is critical that a spyware remover is used in conjunction with Spyware Blaster. This will provide you with two different yet complementary lines of defense against the malicious software attacking your machine. Of course, you might find one program that can achieve both important functions for you, but let’s not forget that Spyware Blaster is free. So why pay for something that might be inferior when this great product is available free of charge?

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