The https://www.prosegur.com/en/, the new technology that came to take care of us

The Hawk’s Eye, the new technology that came to take care of us

The tranquility of feeling safe in the home is essential to have a good quality of life. And having advanced technology to manage it, is what this innovative invulnerable security system offers: The Eye of the Hawk, an own development of Prosegur

Smart security is no longer science fiction. The Eye of the Hawk, which was devised in Argentina to solve the problems of arrivals and robberies, and which is based on the investigation of the latest criminal forms, is a service designed for residential buildings, being an economic solution to provide protection to these buildings and their neighbors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Technology to fight crime. The Eye of the Hawk is made up of a security device located in the main access of the building that allows the communication of the neighbors with a vigilante that is located in the Central Receiver of Alarms of Prosegur. From there, the professionals in charge of property surveillance control several cameras. In this way, the capacities to verify different areas and accesses of a building are constantly increased and at the same time.

The guards remain visible 24 hours a day, which favors a constant interaction with them. Another important feature of this service lies in the protection of the watchman, who, is not exposed to any type of physical attack, can witness without any delay any unusual event that happens in the monitored perimeter.

In case of detecting a possible incident, by means of a powerful siren and strobe lights, the suspect is dissuaded and the neighbors are alerted. From the Monitoring Center, a response operation is activated sending the Security Forces and alerting the referents of the place.

Not only alert in cases of insecurity but also has been effective in medical emergencies and fires. With hundreds of devices installed in different parts of the country, El Ojo del Halcón has already proven its powerful deterrent power.

What People Say About Hawk’s Eye

“Two years ago we have this service in several of our buildings and it is highly recommended, not only because it meets all the surveillance needs of this type of property, but because it reduces the cost of expenses, since it is considerably lower. On the other hand, to be so visible in some way hierarchizes the building and adds value to it, “

says Juan Justo, manager of consortiums of Tornquist & Just.

It just says that since the service is installed they have not had any criminal act due to its high dissuasive power. “The events that we had in the different buildings were preventive and warning, as for example if an occupant or visitor left the door open during the time in which he had not ordered, unauthorized removals or any medical emergency that detected El Ojo del Falcón ” Another point that stands out is the prevention of vandalism, graffiti or theft of fire extinguishers or emergency lights. In these cases, from The Eye of the Hawk, they were reduced by 100%.

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