How to Speedup Your Slow Computer

Arovax Shield AntispywareOut of the box and straight from the factory your computer has been adjusted and set up to run optimally. All the factory settings have been established and then what do we do?

We buy new and additional software and we add our own new files. We remove software and files we don’t like or don’t need and in essence, we change things to personalize our personal computer. Over time we have changed so many things to suit our needs that before long those optimal factory settings aren’t so optimal anymore. We begin to notice that our powerful and zippy computer isn’t so zippy anymore. I find it interesting that the more technology we invent the less patient we become. Let’s face it having a slow computer isn’t any fun.

Another common cause of a slow computer is due to the sheer number of programs running at one time on our machines. We aren’t just talking about the ones that we can see listed on the taskbar at the bottom of our screens. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of programs running at any particular time that we don’t see which will slow your computer down to a crawl.

In order to determine if your computer is running slowly due to all the changes, you have made in both adding and subtracting software, programs and files from your computer you will want to purchase a registry cleaning program. These programs will perform a deep scan of your entire system and locate and identify errors and invalid entries. These can range from missing file associations, all files, invalid device drivers, and ActiveX controls errors. A good registry cleaning tool will automatically replace the missing or corrupt files at the click of a mouse which is a lot simpler than trying to manually replace your faulty files. Some will also come with applications that let you monitor and limit those programs which automatically come to life once you turn your computer on.

Essentially, many of the problems responsible for a slow computer can be corrected with a quality registry cleaning program. The challenge will be finding one that is functional as well as user-friendly. Most users are not professional computer programmers and thus they simply want a product that they can virtually “plug and play” as the saying goes… take it out of the box, install it on the computer and with a few clicks be on their way to scanning their registries for errors and problems. This will require a fair amount of time to research the market, read the reviews and determine which registry repair program is best for you.

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