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Avira Registry CleanerThe Windows Registry is the control center of the computer’s operating system.  The registry is a database that saves and contains all system settings and the settings of the hardware and software.  Programs on your computer access the registry thousands of times per second.  Registry entries are created whenever you install new software and drivers.

As you install and uninstall software, it can get very cluttered with obsolete and corrupted entries, which can cause system errors, crashes, and failures. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the registry in tip-top form by clearing out all of the junk and fixing all the errors that accumulate over time.  This is exactly what a Registry Cleaner does

Obtaining a registry cleaner right away after purchasing your computer is essential to maintain a clean running machine.  If you have a computer and do not have a registry cleaner, take time now to research and download a cleaner as soon as possible.

There are hundreds of registry cleaners on the market to choose from.  It can be difficult to determine the best registry cleaner that will safely and effectively clean up your Windows Registry.

Some of the principles most important to understand when you are hunting for a good registry cleaner are Effectiveness, length of time to scan, how easy is it to use, the features of the program, the cost versus value, and compatibility with your computer. It is imperative that you take the time to study and determine which registry cleaner would be best for you and your PC. There are some registry cleaners out there that will actually do more harm to your computer than good. Many of the companies that sell registry cleaners don’t even make them.

Avira Registry Cleaner v. removes all entries that were created by AntiVir. In this way, it prepares your system for the installation of the new AntiVir version of the Avira Registry Cleaner, AntiVir with Windows Vista. In order to start the Avira Registry Cleaner with Windows Vista, you have to click on the exe file of the registry cleaner (RegCleaner.exe) with the right mouse button when you choose “Run as Administrator.”

Finding good information on the Avira Registry Cleaner, also called Avira Antivir RegCleaner, is very difficult.  There are a number of reviewers/users who say do not use this program and if you have it installed, uninstall it immediately.  We have not been able to confirm why they are making this recommendation.  Our recommendation is to download this program ONLY if you can get further information on its quality.

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