McAfee Registry Power Cleaner Review

McAfee Registry Power Cleaner ReviewSome of the many features that McAfee Registry Power Cleaner by Winferno advertises are that it will repair the errors in the registry, improve speed and stabilize the system, allowing better performance.  Additionally, it advertises it will search any virus threats that might be hidden in the PC and prevent crashes from occurring. What you want a registry cleaners to do is eliminate system crashes and help to increase the speed of the system. McAfee Registry Power Cleaner advertises it will scan deep into the PC and freeze any problems that are related to any errors in the registry.

The scanning feature I found a bit slow. Potentially because of the advertised 16 powerful features that make for a deep scan. A nice feature is that it offers an automatic and instant backup of the PC’s registry. The backup proved to be a success and I was able to restore registry items to the previous state before cleaning. It did appear that Registry Power Cleaner fixed invalid entries and it also appeared to attempt to remove shortcuts that were broken.

The McAfee Registry Power Cleaner is easy to use and has a nice interface. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2000 Pro and Windows 7. The scan was slow. And it missed some errors that other software picked up. But overall, the registry cleaner did solve errors.

*Editors note: This software is not produced by McAfee, therefore it is not supported by this company. If you need tech support, you must contact Winferno.com


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