PC Optimizer Pro Review

PC-Optimizer-Pro-malwareIt’s not your computer’s fault.  Just the everyday use of your computer eventually will slow it down.  Everything you do leaves some kind of trace in your computer’s registry that, over time, will lead to difficulties with its proper operation.  Simply uninstalling software can leave fragments of the old program in your registry, creating clutter.  Even some cleaning programs can leave behind empty folders, orphaned files, invalid entries, and links, etc. that can diminish the speed of your computer.

The makers of PC Optimizer Pro say their program will do the job of finding and fixing errors, and cleaning out unnecessary “trash” that might bog down your system.  Let’s take a look. It’s a nice looking program with a relatively attractive and easy-to-use interface.  The publisher of PCOptimizerPro says that the program is about taking care of registry and internet issues.  This could lead you to think that the “PC Optimizer” part of its name means that it’s designed to perform a multitude of functions in optimizing the performance of your computer, not just the registry and internet.  Be that as it may, we’re interested in evaluating the registry cleaning capabilities of the program anyway.

When you open the program, it starts scanning for errors.  It checks the registry integrity, shared DLLs, startup programs, add/remove programs, file extensions, program shortcuts, virtual devices and more.  It then goes about the job of cleaning the registry.  There is a built-in file shredder that will allow you to determine which files to permanently delete, an uninstaller for doing away with unused applications, and a startup manager that automatically starts on startup.  We noticed that PC Optimizer Pro provides a lot of information that might not be germane to the scanning/cleaning process.  This information is displayed in a nice looking fashion but is not entirely used to the process of cleaning up the register.
PC Optimizer Pro falls into the category of “fair” when compared to other programs that are designed to clean your computer’s registry.  It’s graphically pretty, but this seems to offer more in the way of style than substance.  When it comes right down to cleaning your registry, it failed to find many errors that were found by other programs.

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