Should You Consider Registry Booster Registry Cleaner?

Registry BoosterIf you’ve had much experience with PCs, you’ve no doubt experienced the affect a cluttered registry can have on your system.  Invalid entries, residue from old, uninstalled programs, and errors can bring your PC to a virtual crawl.  Registry Booster is one of many programs designed to clean your registry.

There are some good features to this program.  We like the fact that the program offers both automatic and manual registry repair choices.  This makes this program useful to you whether you’re a novice or an experienced user.  The user interface is well designed and easy to operate.  We also like the fact that after scanning, RegistryBooster gives detailed error descriptions and automatic backup before scanning your registry.  The backup offers one-click registry restore.  The program is up to date with Window 7 compatibility, both 32 and 84 bit.

Upon installation, launching Registry Booster will put it into scan mode without your asking it to go there.  That’s somewhat troublesome.  After the scan, you’re able to see the results of the scan, showing you the elements that are indicated being problems.

One thing we noticed is that the trial version of the software allows you only a limited number of sections of the registry that you can repair until you buy the fully functioning version.  The defragger has similar limitations in the trial version.  The scan turned up a few errors, but the limitation on the repair inhibited a good evaluation of its scanning depth or its repairability.  We would prefer to see this as an unlimited trial version with a limited number of days in the trail, as opposed to limitations in the function of the program.

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