Registry Fix Could Speed Up Your Computer

Most computer users have items in their registry that need repair. But the “repair” of a computer registry is confusing. Complicated computer registries are just that…complicated. Even professionals with frequent forays into registry related issues still find the standard registry overwhelming and intense. That’s why so many users (from beginners to advanced users) turn to registry cleaners like Registry Fix. They are far more user-friendly when it comes to identifying and repairing registry errors than the standard registry editors that are usually more complicated than necessary and thereby…not user-friendly.

The computer’s registry could be called the nerve center of the PC. When there are problems or errors in the registry it commonly results in anything from Windows crashes to error messages to PC slowdowns. That’s why getting a good registry cleaner can be so important.

A good registry cleaner should be just as accessible to the beginner use as it is to the advanced user. Although…it is helpful to have additional tools available for advanced users that allow manual registry fixes in addition to automatic fixes that will aid beginners and advanced users alike.

The new version of Registry Fix (version 5.6) is newly compatible with both Vista and Windows 7). It also comes with Microsoft Certified agents that will fix registry-based problems that cannot be corrected by Registry Fix. Registry Fix is available for free and downloadable online.

This sounds utterly fabulous, but there’s a catch. The free download of Registry Fix comes with only 100 automatic fixes. It comes with an unlimited number of manual fixes, but the automatic fixes that are beneficial to beginners and intermediate users are limited. And when it comes to registry repair…100 automatic fixes aren’t going to get you very far.

The most obviously beneficial aspect of Registry Fix is the Microsoft Certified agent to fix problems that can’t be fixed by the program. The program claims to safely find, clean and repair registry problems with only a few clicks. And repairs made to the registry will result in an increase in PC function.

Users who want to automatically fix more than 100 registry errors won’t benefit much from the free download. To automatically fix more than 100 registry errors users have to upgrade the unlimited automatic fixes version. (This version also comes with free access to a Microsoft Certified Agent for problems that can’t be fixed by the program).

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