About The Software Industry Report

Software Industry Report is the result of six computer repair technicians teaming up to find the best software that meets the tough testing of pc geeks combined with the ease of use for normal computer users.

In 2008 we expanded beyond the first six to include a large testing group all over the world of both computer techs and regular pc users.

We have been testing software and making recommendations to our local customers for over 20 years. Now we’ve taken this knowledge of the computer and software industry to write simple reviews to help you decide on which software is best for you.

Software Industry Report gives you the latest in-depth research to make the best software purchase for you. We make our recommendations based on our tech departments intensive testing and we get feedback about the product’s ease of use from regular pc users.

Software Industry Report Founding Members

Lisa Schiling

Andy Ortega

Ken Smith

Dean Adams

John Hamm