Avira AntiVir Review: Strong Defense, Weak Offense

Avira Antivirus SoftwareEasily one of the most frequently downloaded free antivirus programs on the market, Avira AntiVir continues to take steps to ensure it is worthy of its 100 million plus downloads by providing remarkable malware detection capabilities. But as more versions come out and malware threats continue to evolve, a concern about whether or not Avira AntiVir is staying ahead of the curve is becoming more present.

Without question, there is a reason Avira AntiVir has become so popular. Beyond the fact that it is free, Avira AntiVir provides very effective protection against many forms of malware including viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, adware, and spyware. It is very easy to install and provides a very intuitive and manageable interface. Users will enjoy its customizability and schedule options.

Avira AntiVir is configured to run constantly in the background while providing real-time protection without disrupting the overall performance of the computer. Scheduled scans are completed quickly and thoroughly. Avira AntiVir does not trade efficiency for speed. However, the presence of Avira AntiVir on older computers may be more evident.

Avira AntiVir proves to be effective in protecting computers from newly created virus and malware threats. The software is frequently updated to ensure new threats will not be successful in penetrating the system. However, many users may be frustrated by the ads that accompany an update. Additionally, some users may find the update cycles are too lengthy, especially on older machines.

For an anti-malware program, free or otherwise, Avira AntiVir is a very impressive program delivering malware detection and prevention that is far superior to many of its competitors. However, the concerns about Avira AntiVir staying ahead of the curve are found in Avira AntiVir’s inability to successfully remove detected malware threats. For most, simply knowing of a threat is insufficient. Full removal is desired and required. When tested, Avira AntiVir was successful in detecting nearly all forms of present malware but could not provide complete malware removal. With this, users who suspect their computer may not be completely free of threats should pursue other options.

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