RegZooka Registry Cleaner Review

regzooka-sc registry cleanerRegZooka Review: RegZooka scans your computer’s registry for errors that slow down and crash your computer, and gives you a toolbox for finding and repairing other problems on your pc. The software finds a wide range of defects, including:  application errors, dll errors, blue screen errors, runtime errors, exe errors, windows explorer errors, windows installer errors, active errors, invalid shortcuts, internet browser errors, invalid file errors, access violation, system 32 errors.

The most important feature of any registry cleaner is that it makes a backup of your computer before it runs a scan and fixes anything. RegZooka automatically makes a backup before each scan begins and makes it easy to restore the computer back to its pre-scan state.  I tested this feature several different times and it worked flawlessly.

There is no quick scan offered, only a fast and comprehensive deep scan. I prefer to only see this option because it gives the user a much better scan and fix. The deep scan takes slightly longer to finish but the entire scan process is typically complete in about 60-70 seconds.  While we have tested other competing products that finish a scan faster we don’t trust their ability to do a thorough job fixing your computer.

The RegZooka interface certainly isn’t the worst that I’ve seen, but it is a bit too colorful and overdone.  It’s not too complicated to use, it just needs some better work in the graphics department.

There is an easy way to defragment your computer’s registry. Simply click the ‘defragment’ button on the main screen and you can run a scan to see if your pc needs to be defragged. I found this feature easier and faster than the built in defrag feature in Windows

The Optimize Startup feature offers an easy and fast way to disable applications from starting with your computers startup. Many programs are designed to run on startup and are difficult to impossible to stop from doing so.  With RegZooka’s optimize startup feature you simply uncheck a box next to a program you don’t want to startup and it won’t run on startup making your startup time much faster.

As with all software in this category you’ll get a free scan with RegZooka but you’ll have to buy a license key to fix any problems it finds. We’ve tested 196 registry cleaners and you can see our top 5 picks below.

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