Is Slow-PC Fighter a Good Registry Checker?

This is just a very simple registry repair program with little else.  It informed me that my PC’s health was good, and the number of errors found.

It allowed me to check each error and to click ignore if I liked.  Categories included Com/ActiveX, Windows startup items, file/path references, program shortcuts, empty registry keys, invalid class key and clsid/typelib/ interface entries.

I looked through several of the categories above and the errors found were legitimate registry errors.

Reverse repair gives you the chance to undo a repair made by the program which was backed up automatically.  Automatic backup is a very good thing.  Your computer can turn into the garbage from a registry repair that goes wrong.

In settings you can choose to run Slow-PCFighter on system startup, close after repair, minimize while scanning for errors, auto repair errors, check for updates automatically, etc.  There is also an option to schedule the program to run automatically.

Up at the top of the program was a group of icons: spam fighter, virus fighter, and spyware fighter.  These icons led to their website which offered each of these programs at an additional price.

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