RegAdvance – Optimize Your Computer Speed While Protecting Your Privacy

RegAdvance Registry CleanerRegAdvance is a registry clean-up program that claims to speed up your computer’s performance and protect your privacy while online. It will seek out junk files and even comes with a scan scheduler to regularly check for the clutter that slows down computer running speed.

Customer testimonials say that it can quickly find numerous errors and return your computer to the same level of productivity it had when it was new. It is easy to follow and will keep your computer from freezing up.

Satisfied buyers have purchased versions of the software for both desktops and laptops. They did not require buying expensive add-ons or a new computer to run faster.

RegAdvance also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. This simplicity keeps customers from having to deal with expensive help technicians.

Some people don’t seem to enjoy the product, and some of those reviews have accused the makers of running a pop-up scam. They complain about the $29.95 price tag and that it might not do everything it claims.

But even RegAdvance’s detractors will admit that it downloads quickly. So even if some people don’t trust it, it does seem to live up to its claim of being very fast.

RegAdvance works on a wide variety of Windows platforms and is available for download at a number of different websites. The people who like it seem to be really big fans.


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